Lids & Colors

Punch Gallery, Seattle WA


I learned to sew, knit, embroider and crochet at an early age, and I began modifying my own clothes by 1970, when I was in tenth grade.
I spent an entire quarter in college, at Evergreen, doing nothing but making hats, in 1973.
I was a member of Friends of the Rag, a group of artists who made wearables, in the late 70s, and have been making clothes and accessories, both for myself and for sale, for 40 2015s now.

What you wear sends a message to the world, identifies you as a member of a tribe, marks your place in society.
Your “Colors” tell the world which gang you are in.

Me, I make up my own tribe, my own gang, my own club.
Merely by changing my hat, or my jacket, I can transform myself.

You can too.

I am far from the only person today who assumes a uniform, or a disguise, or a costume, to send messages, fade into the background, or assert identity. Some very famous people do it too.

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