Boxers or Briefs

Two Bells Tavern, Seattle, WA


This show opened on Election Night, 1996, when Bob Dole ran against Bill Clinton. During the Campaign, Clinton went on played his saxophone on TV, went on MTV, and in general acted like no candidate before ever had. He was asked by young people in one audience if he wore Boxers, or Briefs. To me, that summed up the entire trans-generational choice right there, so I was inspired to do a show based on that question- one that Clinton demurred to answer, but, of course, we all knew that Bill was the easy going, loose boxer guy, and Bob Dole was the representative of Tighty Whiteys. Included in the show were, of course, Boxers and Briefs, along with giant bills, portraits of Richard Nixon, Traffic Signs, and a pair of bar stools that had boxers or briefs for the back, so you could signal your choice in political views on underwear while drinking at the bar.<./p>

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