Big Belt


Big Belt was made for the Metalmorphosis show at the Bellevue Art Museum, which was curated by Jennifer Navva Milliken, and ran from September 2016 thru January 2017.
This show was a survey of metalwork in the Pacific Northwest, ranging from jewelry to sculpture.

Big Belt is a meeting between hard and soft, kawaii and otaku, metal and fabric.
I have always worked simultaneously with metals and textiles.
I have always made clothes, both wearable and not.
As a craftsman and an artist, I love materials, and stainless steel and blue tarp are two of my favorites.
I am a student of the built world, of pop culture, and the making of things.
Hand and machine forged, machined, welded and formed stainless steel, with polypropylene tarp.
Of course I love pop art.
And I wear a belt every day otherwise my pants would fall down.

Big Belt is 3' x 32'. Length variable, depending on number of links used.
Forged and fabricated stainless steel, poly tarp.
Collection of the artist.

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