Wiggum's Hollow Park

Everett, WA


9 galvanized steel panels are located throughout Wiggums Hollow. The neighborhood is a landing spot for immigrants from around the world, includling most recently Russians, Iranians, Vietnamese and Fillipinos. The patterns in the artwork are taken from actual fabrics and handicrafts that neighborhood residents brought with them when they came to the US. We took photographs of these heirlooms and abstracted them. These designs are based on classic textile forms from around the world: rugs, kimonos, scarves and embroidered clothing. Each panel is 8 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet in width. They are plasma cut steel, with decorative edges which also refer to the textile techniques. The finished panels were galvanized to a soft silver color. This project was a collaboration with my wife, artist Sheila Klein.

Commissioned by the City of Everett.

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