Wave Fence

Rose Hill Middle School


This fence encloses the courtyard of Rose Hill Middle School, in Redmond Wa. The courtyard includes an outdoor amphitheater, walkways between buildings, and outdoor space adjacent to the lunchroom, where students spend breaks.
The landscape is green and curving.
The fence curves to match.
It undulates up the hill, with its own set of curves, playing off the trees and the mountains of the northwest.
There are no horizontal lines in the fence- only vertical lines that reach up to the sky. It offers more transparency and openness.
The finish of the fence is galvanized steel, which is a light gray color, which blends into the prevalent Northwest sky.
Of course, there is also function- there are both small and large gates, which introduce another pattern, based on the pebbly bottom of a stream.

Commissioned by Lake Washington School District.

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