Scroll Fence

Palm Desert, CA


This fence was a 1% commission from the city of Palm Desert for the multi-agency library at College of the Desert. This is the main public library for the city.

Composed of 7 individual panels, the finished piece is 8 feet tall and 60 feet long. The fence encloses the courtyard of the new library building. The central image is a long, ribbon-like scroll. Traditionally a conveyer of information, the scroll also suggests an electronic wave form carrying data, the double helix of genetic information.

Visually, the fence is composed of layers of geometry, images and text. In my work, I like to bait my hook on a variety of levels and reel in a wide range of viewers who might not normally consider art. The construction and craftsmanship draw some viewers in, the geometry and visual complexity draw in others, and some viewers just read the writing on the wall.

Commissioned by city of Palm Desert.

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