Bike Racks

St Cloud, MN


St. Cloud Minnesota hosts the main library for a regional system that has over 2 dozen branches, and the new main library is the center of it all. I built bike racks that will hold over 50 bikes, for several locations around the building.

St. Cloud is on the Mississippi river, and I was inspired by Huck Finn and the rustic history of the river to make these Rope Bridge style bike racks, and other designs that are like rustic log furniture, lashed together.

All of the racks are hand forged stainless steel, which look like rope and wood, rather than industrial materials, but are very tough and weatherproof.

Alphabet letters, spelling nothing in particular, hang from all the bike racks.

I also made a matching set of furniture, a bench, a chair, and a table, that go with the bike racks and sit in the lobby.

Commissioned by Great River Regional Library, St.Cloud Mn.

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