Big Boots

Colorado Blvd Light Rail Station, Denver, CO


The Big Boots are giant, 7 foot tall size 84 cowboy boots.

They have designs in them based on Mexican Pitiado embroidery patterns, Cowboy Deco architecture, Navajo Rugs, and Gene Autry's stage costumes.

The cowboy boot is a creation of the American West, a melding of European and Native American styles, ideas, and needs. Originally a utilitarian work boot, the cowboy boot has been adopted over the years by presidents and ranch hands, high school kids and rock and rollers, truck drivers and movie stars.

These Big Boots are hand forged and fabricated from stainless steel, textured hot and hand bent into circles and arrows, welded together into one solid sculpture.

111 Electropolished after fabrication, they are shiny and silver.

The location is a busy park and ride lot at a stop on the light rail line, where they are visible from afar, but near the stairs that commuters walk down, so they can be inspected closely as well.

Commissioned by RTD Denver Colorado.

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