A Chair is to Sit

North Creek High School, Bothell, WA


I have been making chairs since the early 80s. A chair is a combination of function, design, and art, that intrigues me. It has certain basic requirements- it must be sittable, conforming to the basic shape of a human being, but beyond that, the possibilities are limitless.

A Chair is to Sit is a collection of 14 chairs, in 3 groups.

Big Little is a pair of chairs, one very small, one very big. Two chairs face each other, close enough for a conversation, far enough apart to be independent. All relationships are not equal. Power dynamics expressed thru size.

Growth is a set of the same chair is six different sizes, ranging from too small to too big. A size for everyone. The natural progression from small to large occurs in most things in nature including, of course, people.

Reactions are three pairs of chairs, each inciting different reactions by their size, shape, and location. Lean in, Lean out. Expand, Contract. Tall, Short.

All of the chairs are hand forged and textured stainless steel. Scattered around the campus, they become one larger conversation, but also, of course, places to sit.

Commissioned by the Washington State Arts Commission and North Creek High School

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