Post Industrial Craftsman

I am an Industrial Artist.

When I was young, I was trained in traditional art techniques. Painting, Drawing, Direct Sculpture, and then Textiles- including sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, weaving, batik, and silkscreen on fabric.

As I grew up, I became fascinated by the Industrial and Consumer products around me, and the sheen of “realness” they possessed.

“How do they REALLY do it?”

Became my question.

And so, I began to teach myself industrial fabrication techniques, starting with wood and plastics, moving on to metals.

I bought old books that described Industrial Revolution Technologies from 100 years ago, and learned to weld, work with sheet metal, machining and blacksmithing.

My goal is to use these tools and technologies as an artist. To draw with a cutting torch, to improvise with a milling machine, to forge intuitively.

I believe the product is always better when the worker controls the means of production.

An artist will always find a ways to misuse a tool more creatively than using it in the proper fashion.

By owning my own industrial tools,I can experiment, improvise, and invent in ways that are not possible when hire someone else to make your idea.

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